Sun Piledriving Equipment LLC offers a variety of Woltman purpose built rigs for lease/ purchase.

We offer also equipment maintenance and parts sales. Contact us to learn more.


Buy or rent Woltman rig or PVE equipment in USA and Canada from SPE USA
SPE USA also offer equipment maintenance on pile driving rigs
SPE USA offers parts sales for your pile driving rigs

CONTACT US  for service and spare parts for your Woltmanman rig

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Sun Piledriving Equipment LLC, (SPE) opened its doors for business in 2005 and offers a wide-ranging knowledge of fast and efficient piledriving using the purpose built rig. 


Woltman purpose built pile rig is powerful, versatile and efficient. Woltman’s strategy is to integrate the latest available environmentally friendly technologies to optimize performance and efficiency. Woltman machines are also highly mobile. It can be assembled and disassembled in a very short period of time. It has low center of gravity and stable wide undercarriage. 

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