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Woltman 50 PR in New Castle DE

Location:               New Castle, Delaware

Equipment used: Woltman 50 PR FF with controlled free fall winches and a 7 ton PVE hammer

Piles:                      400 pc. of 25-35 ft. piles with rock points made by our sister company Emeca SPE USA

Description:          We are currently working on building the foundation for 4 apartment buildings

This brownfield used to be an old industrial steel metal foundry. The foundation had metal debris, wood, old stumps and a thick layer of slag, so the Emeca rock points were chosen for this project. Emeca rock points keep the pile driving true through rock, metal or any other obstacles, even on a slanting bedrock while protecting the end of the piles. These rock points have a high capacity to withstand compression and lateral stress which is why they were especially ideal for this project. You can learn more about rock points by contacting Emeca here.

50 PR working in New Castle DE
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