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Woltman 40 PR

Available for sale/ rent


Woltman 40 PR is very mobile on the jobsite and quick to assemble/disassemble. The rig has great capacity and long reach; it has the pile capacity of 10 to 120 ton.

It could be transported as a single truck transport. 40 PR is also very cost effective.


Technical information

Max pile & hammer weight 28,660 lbs (14.3 US Ton)
Hammer winch capacity 17.636 lbs (8.8 US Ton) / Free Fall
Pile winch capacity 13,228 lbs (6.6 US Ton)
Optional aux winch capacity 6,613 lbs (3.3 US Ton)
Standard leader length 71.5 ft
Maximum leader length 81.3 ft (55 ft. Pile)
Diesel engine Caterpillar C-7.1 Teir 4 Final
Rated engine power 250 HP 1800 RPM
Hydraulic system Open Loop
Hydraulic pumps Bosch-Rexroth (Dedicated pumps for hammer and valve bank)
Hydraulic valve blocks Bosch-Rexroth
Transport width 10.83 ft (Hyd. Retracting Tracks)
Transport length 54.92 ft (Hyd. Folding Leader)
Transport height 11.65 ft (Includes Hammer) 
Recommended hammer PVE 4 NL (35,400 ft.lbs) 
Weight base machine (excl. hammer)88, 185 lbs (44.1 US Ton)

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