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Woltman 50 PR FF

Available for sale/ rent


50 PR FF has special controlled free fall winches. Woltman 50 PR FF comes with a standard Tier 4 Final engine like all Woltman machines. It’s very mobile on the jobsite and quick to assemble/disassemble. The rig has great capacity and long reach; it has the hammer capacity up to 7 ton. It has a sliding and removable counterweight. Transport weight is 52 tons (without the hammer). The versatile design of 50 PR FF is ideal for small to large projects. The rig is also very cost effective. Contact us to get an offer.



Technical information

Recommended hammer size    PVE     5NL / 6NL / 7NL
Max. pile + hammer weight*     18,5 ton                (40,785 lbs)
Leader length std. (max.)          24,8 (27,8) mtr     (81.4 (91.2) ft.) 
Max. pile length (max.)              21 (24) mtr           (68.9 (78.7) ft.)
Hammer winch (Zollern)            14 ton                   (30,865 lbs.)
Pile winch (Zollern)                    10 ton                   (22,046 lbs.)
Operational weight incl. 5NL      61 ton                  (134,482 lbs.)
Max. oil flow                               390 l/min              (103 g/min)
Max. pressure                            320 bar                (4,641 psi)

Transport weight excl. hammer    52 ton               (114,640 lbs)
Transport weight w/o counterweight   45,1 ton     (99,428 lbs)
Transport weight incl. PVE 5NL    61 ton               (134,482 lbs)

Engine                                       Caterpillar C-7.1
Engine output                            183 kW                 (HP  250 HP)
Hydraulics                                 Bosch Rexroth
Hydraulic system                       Openloop

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